Update → The version is up at ~~https://unofficed.com/newton-plus-beta/~~ https://unofficed.com/newton/

Fixing the messy Trello Board from here - https://unofficed.com/newton/.


Thus far, there have been 34 Newton Sessions, led initially by Kapil and then taken over by Amit. As new sessions were added, the course content and community became more complex.

At present, it resembles a labyrinth, boasting over 200 channels, 3 discord channels, and 2 slack channels. It's time to finally consolidate and restructure the content with new and relevant material to make it more robust.

You can join the old Newton Course from https://unofficed.com/newton/ till the end of this month. Post that, it will be discontinued completely.

The New Newton Course

| Course Structure | • The course is divided into 8 weeks. • Week 2 content is accessible only after Week 1 completion and so on. | | --- | --- | | Sessions | • Some content is Free for all. ("Lessons" with unlock button) • Some content is Optional. ◦ https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-1/lessons/what-is-price-action/ Non-trading material, but deepens concept understanding. • Live sessions and trade setups are always being discussed frequently in Discord. | | Tools | • Added TradingView tool discussions • Separated coding notes for non-coders ◦ Archived detailed coding content as optional content. | | Assignments and Quiz | • There are Assignments where you have to submit trades based on the logic taught. • There are Quizzes after many lessons. | | Community | We also discuss our community in-depth, including the tools we have made for each other and basic introductory navigation to make this journey easier. |

Difference between Old and New

Old Newton New Newton
Session Structure 34 Newton Sessions. More than 100 Sessions. This is the current structure -

• Free Sessions • Premium Sessions ◦ Optional Sessions ◦ Mandatory Sessions | | Quiz And Assignments | Quizzes and Assignments were in Discord. | • Quizzes are embedded in the website itself. • Assignments are shifted to a structured way to Discord. | | Course Structure | https://trello.com/b/VWy3Vmla/newton-course-content

In New →,

All Option Modules are totally deleted and moved to Theta Course. The old students get access to certain modules of the Theta Course. | Candlestick Patterns + Support and Resistance → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-1/

Swing Trading Strategy - Bounce → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-2/

Short-Term Momentum Trading - Weekend → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-3/

HNS + Time Compression → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-4/

Flag Chart → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-5/

Fractals + Pivots + PitchFork+ Advanced Chart Patterns → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-6/

Fibonacci → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-7/

Macro Fundamentals + Psychology + Option Basics → https://unofficed.com/courses/newton-week-8/ | | Access to Community | 2 Months.

If posts one trade within 2 Months, Then he will retain his membership for another 2 Months. | 12 Months.

If one posts one trade within 12 Months. Then he will retain his membership for another 12 Months. | | Access to Course | 2 Months.

If posts one trade within 2 Months, Then he will retain his membership for another 2 Months. | 12 Months.

If one posts one trade within 12 Months. Then he will retain his membership for another 12 Months. | | Pricing | 28K | • 24K for the course. [Discourse + Website Access] ◦ Website for Course Content ◦ Discourse is for Assignment Evaluation

• 1K/month for the community+tool. [Discord] ◦ Discussion on Live Trades and Anything else. | | Tools | No Paid Tools | • Weekend High Scanner • Weekend Low Scanner

• Animals Indicator • Countless other Trading View Candlestick Scanners with Source Code. |

Kindly provide your comments on the discussed topics so that we can rearrange things with your proper suggestions.


Q. Why did I think to make something like “Introduction To Candlesticks” as Premium Content when many complex things are free?

A. Initially, I considered offering the service for free due to its perceived simplicity. However, as I delved into the project, I realized that condensing the necessary information into a 6-minute timeframe was a challenging task. It took me six days and 60 sites to master the content in a proper manner, and while I encourage non-paying users to peruse the Internet at their leisure, it's important to note that summarizing the material effectively in both detail and brevity can be a formidable task.